Adapting and Thriving During Change

Whether it’s transitioning to become a polytechnic, launching a new program or policy, or taking on a new role on campus, change can be exciting and at the same time, challenging. To help faculty and staff thrive before, during, and after changes, Cal Poly Humboldt has launched the People-Centered Change Initiative (PCCI).

Often referred to as “change management” in organizational development, people-centered change focuses less on the organization and more on how people experience change. The purpose of the PCCI is to provide tools and coaching to support the creation, success, and sustainability of campus change initiatives by increasing the inclusion and empowerment of all stakeholders as change is implemented. 

By being intentional about the human side of change, we engage more collectively and in better alignment, improve the perception, acceptance, and effectiveness of change initiatives, and create a more positive experience as we work together as one university.

What is People-Centered Change (aka Change Management) and How Does it Work?

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Change Tip of the Month

  • People need to hear a message 5-7 times to understand and buy into a change. Using different modalities and messengers increases the effectiveness of the communication.

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